Hello, I'm Brandon. I’m a software engineer who cares deeply about design.

Previously, I worked at Instabase, building tools to help enterprises understand unstructured data. I focused on Solution Builder, a low-code product to build automated machine learning workflows.

I find joy in software that provides high-quality user experiences and thoughtful interactions. I’m also interested in low-code platforms and the power of technology to give more people the ability to express themselves.


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<aside> 💻 The future of the web I’m excited about Next.js, React server components, and where we go from here.


<aside> 🏜️ Dune My favorite sci-fi book and film.


<aside> 🧦 Fashion and thrifting You can find some of my inspiration on Pinterest.


<aside> 🤷 Making the most of your twenties Still figuring this one out!



UC Berkeley, 2015-2019

BA in Cognitive Science